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Hello there!!! I'm here to continue sharing Freyja's magic with you

As you can see in the photographs that I just shared, there is a reference to the pack as ECO FRIENDLY

I want to tell you that for me it is fundamental, the care of Mother Earth and therefore, in the creation of each product I try to achieve it to the maximum.

On this occasion you will find this care from the container box to the thread with which each piece is bound.

When creative work is closely related to the sacred, respect and gratitude is essential.

The friendly dialogue, the conscientious use in quantity and quality of each raw material, allows the creation to take on a special life

Freyja brings in herself the loving respect for Magic to awaken and expand.

Remember that it is a limited edition !!

And ... stay here I have much more to share with you


    Shipping within Uruguay through DAC.

    Shipping abroad by Fedex.


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