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Online course of basic training in


Circle Dances

With this course you will learn:


1 What are circle dances


2 its multiple benefits both at a personal and group level and its various applications.


3 You will learn 24 basic, medium and high level choreographies (3 choreographies are delivered per module)


At the end you will receive our certificate.




*In each module (1 per month), you will receive the audiovisual material corresponding to 3 choreographies. In it, you will find: the detailed explanation of each dance, its reasoning and its music.


*In the same month we will have an online meeting where we will share experiences and answer questions.


*At the end of the 8 modules you must do a job that we will detail. With the presentation of the same, you will receive the certificate corresponding to the approval of the course.


Duration 8 months.


Start: May 7 (delivery of the first module)

       May 21 Virtual meeting.

Curso online Danzas Circulares

Curso online Danzas Circulares

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